No space of my own! Sewing in a shared space.

I’m always admiring the beautifully organised sewing spaces people share online and get major envy at the idea of a sewing room of my own. But for most of us–especially those on lower incomes or who share a house with young children–having a dedicated sewing room is a dream for the far off future (or possibly September, in my case, but who knows how long it will take Andy to convert the garage into another habitable room…)

But that shouldn’t stop anyone creating, and in the hopes it might give someone else inspiration on how you can sew a lot in a small space and on a budget, I thought I’d share my little sewing corner. It’s not the most photogenic space, but I’m giving you the unvarnished, no-filters, look at what it’s really like in my sewing nook!

So, here’s a relatively tidy pic:

Sewing space 2017 5

My sewing corner is a table and a tall cupboard at one end of our living room/dining room. Luckily there’s plenty of natural light by the window (north facing) so it’s a lovely place to sit and create. This is what the sewing corner really looks like if you pull back a bit and take a look on a more messy day #keepingitreal Continue reading “No space of my own! Sewing in a shared space.”