December round-up and January’s sewing plans

Christmas tree

I meant to post this earlier in the month, but hey, there were all those year end round-ups and 2018 plans to share. Anyway, here’s the lowdown on what ended up being a pretty productive sewing month, all things considered. I think my Christmas decoration crafting and mince pie making suffered as a result, though!

Blogged in December:

Dec 17 sewing

L-R: Winter cords for Gabriel, The Party Animal Dress, The Cosy Cabled Cowl.

Those were the project posts, but I also blogged my SewingTop5 reflections and highlights, and my #2017MakeNine results. Phew, that’s a lot of blogging for me!

Sewing done in December:

December felt like a properly productive month, despite all the chaos of Christmas preparation. I suspect that might be because I stuck to fairly simple, stretch knit projects, but hey, those are good for maternity wear. I managed to make my Party Animal dress (blog link above), and the Megan Nielsen Erin skirt in a striped jersey. I’ve also made a couple of projects I can’t share yet as they’re pattern testing for Seamstress Erin, but I’ve got a maternity camisole and some maternity  leggings both made in stretch velvet. The leggings need a little work on the fit still, but the cami is finished.

Money spent: £1.20

Patterns: £0.00 , Haberdashery: £1.20 , Fabric: £0.00

Yay for my cheapest month since I started keeping records! All I bought was a length of buttonhole elastic for the leggings. I’m hoping January will be a pretty thrifty month too, as I already have all the supplies I should need for most of the patterns I’m planning to make (more swimwear elastic is the only thing I might need to buy).

January sewing plans:

Jan 18 sewing plans

I’ve just finished my frankenpatterned dress, using the Maternity Agnes body (top version pictured left) and Seamwork Neenah cowl neck, so that was the first January sew. I also want to finish off a few projects: the velvet maternity leggings I started in December, a dress alteration for Daisy, and a maternity alteration to a pair of otherwise fairly unloved RTW mid-rise skinny jeans.

As for new projects: I’m making the Kinder cardigan (pictured right) from Wendy Ward’s new book A Beginner’s Guide to Sewing with Knitted Fabrics (affiliate link) as part of the blog tour, and I want two more versions of the maternity Agnes pattern: a top in a dark floral jersey and either a top or dress in a textured dark brown (almost black) jersey. Or I might make something else entirely with that fabric. I’m still a little undecided about what it will work best for as it’s really drapey.

If there’s any more time for sewing (ha, there might be with Gabriel starting nursery!) then I’ll make another maternity Laminaria swimsuit with the updated pattern (my pattern testing version was a bit tight around the hips) and work on another hacked neckline Maternity Agnes top, possibly in some claret cotton lycra I have in the stash.

What’s on your sewing table this month?

Up on the blog next… Hopefully my maternity Erin skirt, sometime next week. I just need to find enough light to get some decent pictures! Watch this space…

What do you reckon? I'd love to hear from you!

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