Me Made May – week 2

Well, we had a couple of glorious warm, sunny days this week, but then it got cool and rainy. I suppose I should be glad for the garden, but instead I’m wondering how I’m going to get a chance to wear the rest of my summery me-mades this month!

You can find last week’s outfits here, and details of my pledge here, but now on to week two…


Day 8: I went for three me-mades today, seeing as how two of them were accessories. I teamed up that black Knit Sweetheart Top (second time this May) with my chunky necklace and freshly made rockabilly head tie. Really liked these together, although I did at times wonder if the head tie was giving off more of a housework vibe than the vintage glam I was after!


Day 9: A second outing for my Cleo dress and a third for my pink tee! Love this outfit, and have worn these together lots over the last few months. I was glad to discover my needlecord Cleo can work for spring as well as winter. I think the loose fit helps keep it from feeling too hot.


Day 10: A hot, sunny day spent in the garden, so I wore my Knit Sweetheart Top (third time) with my Striped Kimono. Wasn’t sure how much this kimono would fit in with my new style, but I reckon it works pretty well.


Day 11: Another hot day, but I braved my needlecord skirt (made before I had a blog, but it’s Vogue 8750) with my handknit mohair shrug. I used to think this shrug just didn’t work (too big and too pastel), but I tried dying it over the winter and although it didn’t take too much colour it was enough to make it a stronger shade, and the process felted it just enough to make it fit me properly. This is a perfect layering piece for those spring mornings that are sunny but with a slight chill in the air. I had to take it off once the day had warmed up, but it went back on again in the evening.


Day 12: The Knit Sweetheart top came out again (fourth time!), this time with my Wembley Cardigan. Really wasn’t feeling the love for this cardie, although it is extremely comfortable and an excellent layer over a vest top. Starting to wonder if I should change the bands at hem, neck and cuff to something patterned or a different colour…


Day 13: Saturday was a chance to dress up a bit as I took Daisy to see Grease in the afternoon (local theatre production, and it was excellent!) and then went out in Bristol in the evening. I channelled a bit of a 50s vibe with my Vogue 8280 polka dot dress (made pre-blog), but made it more contemporary with my handmade chunky necklace. The denim jacket and Chucks (out of shot) dressed it all down enough for the pub. I’m really glad to have discovered a way of making this dress more casual, as it means it should get worn more than a couple of times a year.


Day 14: A lazy day around the house, so I wore my Ladybird Top with my Drop Pocket Cardigan (not yet blogged, but fourth appearance this May!). A really comfy outfit, and I think the leopard print and spots go together. You can’t tell me different 😛

Week Two Reflections

I’m still enjoying the challenge of putting together new combinations of me-mades that fit with the whole Off-Duty Rockabilly Librarian vibe I’m going for (or Rockabilly-lite, as I think I’ll refer to it from now on), and it’s making me experiment in front of the mirror while getting dressed each day. It’s amazing the difference you can make to an outfit just by adding a layer or accessory. I’m also making concrete plans for future makes based on how often I’ve been reaching for my basics in solid colours. Patterns are all well and good, but it’s very rare for me to wear more than one patterned piece at a time. Obviously, that last day was an exception 😛

On to a rainy week three…

How’s your Me Made May going? And if you’re not taking part, would you be tempted to next year?


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  1. I love how you mix and match your pieces so seamlessly. It shows you are very thoughtful in your sewing choices! Love all your week 2 memade photos and the rockabilly vibe! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I feel like I’m getting better at planning my sewing these days, but there were quite a few years when I made things in a really haphazard way. I don’t have all that many of those old me-mades these days. They just didn’t suit me.

    1. Thanks! You can always make your own pledge, which doesn’t need to be unique items each day. I’m wearing repeats for both mine today, but I’ve not worn the two things together yet so that’s fine by my pledge. I was more interested in putting different outfits together this year 🙂

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