The Cheeky Chimp tee and shorts set – an Ottobre boys set for Minerva Makers

And there’s a cheeky chimp wearing it too! Here’s Gabriel modelling his new Ottobre raglan tee and shorts. Back when they were new…

Chimp panel print tee using Ottobre boys pattern

Wow, Gabriel looks so young here! These pics were actually taken last summer, but the post has only recently made its way onto Minerva (I was gifted the fabric in return for a blog post with pictures there-no obligation to post here). You can find all the sewing details on the post here.

This make really marked a turning point for me, as it showed me I could make absolutely awesome kids clothes that they’ll love. The fabric was a huge help as it gave me interesting different parts of the print to play with (panel prints FTW!). I’ve come to realise that using a couple (or more) of co-ordinating fabrics together tends to make clothes just look amazing. I’ve never been a huge fan of colourblocking for my own clothes, but I’m starting to think of ways of bringing in different contrast fabrics in the future. Neckband ribbing and other trim is a good way.

Anyway, Gabriel wore this tee loads last summer, but unfortunately I didn’t make it large enough for it to fit him this year. At least the shorts still did, and he wore those lots. I’m really pleased with how well the chimp fabric stood up to washing, but the French terry has bobbled a bit. It’s weird, as it looks like what happens to a poly blend fabric rather than a cotton/lycra. Still, it doesn’t seem to affect the comfort in wearing but perhaps something to bear in mind. I’ve since found another French terry that definitely doesn’t bobble, so I’ll go with that one in future.

Now for a few more pics:

So cute! If you’re interested in checking out the patterns they are the Rainbow Raglan tee and Horizon Jersey Bermudas in Ottobre 3/2019. I do love a good raglan tee on the kids. You’ll be seeing some more over the next few weeks 🙂

I’m going to carry on blogging my backlog of makes over the next couple of months, and you’ll probably see makes for me (or other adults) on Fridays and makes for the kids on Tuesdays. Let’s see how sticking to a schedule works out…

Happy sewing, peeps!

Anna x


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