The refashioned maternity dress with a self-drafted split funnel neck collar

Refashioned maternity Agnes dress with self-drafted split funnel neck collar

Back with a quick post and a quick make! This was a refashion of a maternity dress I blogged back in 2018. The original dress was a mash up of the Maternity Agnes pattern from Tilly and the Buttons, along with the cowl neckline from the Seamwork Neenah pattern, but I’ve now updated that to a self-drafted split funnel neck instead. I loved the original dress, although my records show I only wore it ten times. Perhaps the weather warmed up too quickly that spring–this is definitely a winter dress as the fabric is soooo snuggly!

Refashioned maternity Agnes dress with self-drafted split funnel neck collar

I turned the dress from maternity to regular fit simply by seam ripping the side seams and resewing them without the gathers for the bump. It meant the front was then quite a bit longer than the back! I cut it about 2.5″ shorter all round as I prefer a more mini look in the winter with thick tights. A quick rehem and the dress was finished… almost!

I also wanted to do something with the neckline. I used to love my big cowl necks but these days I’m not so sure they suit me. I thought a split funnel neck would look better as I have one on a RTW dress that I love. The neckline I had to work with was a bit low at the front for this, but I made it work and was able to get a decent sized funnel neck out of the existing oversized cowl.

Refashioned maternity Agnes dress with self-drafted split funnel neck collar

I ended up making a self-drafted split funnel neck collar using my RTW dress for reference. I simply measured the neckline of the dress once I’d taken the old collar off, added a 5cm overlap plus seam allowance, and cut a rectangle of this length, with as much height as I could get out of my existing fabric (about 12″, folded over to 6″). A seam at each end, turned right side out and stitched in place with the overlap just in front of the shoulder seam. Simples!

Refashioned maternity dress with self-drafted split funnel neck collar

I’m pretty pleased with my self-drafted split funnel neck collar, although I think it would be even better if I’d had a less scooped neckline to work around. It’s a bit floppier than I anticipated as a result, so I added a button to hold it together a couple of inches from the neckline. Andy says it makes him feel like he’s on an aeroplane and I’m the flight attendant, but got to be honest, I’m taking that as a compliment. I’ve always liked the more stylish stewardesses uniforms!

Refashioned maternity Agnes dress with self-drafted split funnel neck collar

I’ve got to say, I’m so happy to have this dress back in my wardrobe. I love the fabric (which Minerva still have in stock if you want to grab some yourself!) and it’s a great fit. It just feels right, and so warm and snuggly. It’s already been worn 7 times since I refashioned it last month, and I know I’m going to be really excited to pull it out of storage every time cooler weather comes around again. Got to have something to look forward to in winter, haven’t we?!

The deets

Pattern: Seamwork Neenah cowl neck add-on and Maternity Agnes

Size: 3 bust grading to 4 hips

Fabric: Textured Knit Fabric in Navy (affiliate link) from Minerva

Modifications: Mash up of two patterns, reworked into non maternity version, shortened the hem, then self-drafted funnel neck collar added. Phew!

Refashioned maternity Agnes dress with self-drafted split funnel neck collar

On the Sewing Table:

Got to be honest, I haven’t done much sewing since last week. Lauren was ill last weekend (slapped cheek, we think–she’s fine now) and since then I’ve been working on garden planning and a window display for our local Window Wanderland event. I’ll share some pictures of that next week. One is an undersea scene I’ve done with the kids and the other is a Totoro window which I’m insanely proud of and can’t wait to see lit up tonight.

I’m definitely planning to finish up those Red Corduroy Jenny trousers by next week, and I should have cut out and started sewing my Butterick B5526 shirt–and possibly my raincoat lining too. Let’s see! The weather is looking lovely this weekend so it could be I end up spending most of the time in the garden instead.

But first, I have more window stuff to do before it gets dark!

Next Friday I’ll be sharing this project from summer 2020. It’s a Jalie Polo Neck 2562 shirt which I’m on the fence about. It’s not awful but maybe… not me?

See you then!

Anna x

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