The Sloppy Overalls (Ottobre Summer 2018) in double gauze

I’ve been meaning to share these cute little Sloppy Overalls I made for Lauren for a couple of weeks now. Finally here they are, and still seasonal if you’re lucky enough to live in the southern hemisphere 🙂 They’re from Ottobre Summer 2018 edition if you’re interested in making some yourself.

Ottobre Summer 2018 Sloppy Overalls in cotton double gauze

This is yet another of the Minerva makes I’m catching up on blogging here–I’ll be carrying on with these into the new year, that’s for sure! I received the fabric for the make in return for a 500+ word post on their site with 6+ photographs. You can find the Minerva post with lots of nerdy sewing deets here:

There is no obligation to post here but I wanted to anyway. Seriously, how cute does my little girl look in these?!

Ottobre Summer 2018 Sloppy Overalls in cotton double gauze

These were a real favourite with Lauren who definitely appreciated the big pockets (photographic evidence below!). It was only once I’d made them that I realised Lauren was ready for potty learning, and I had to question the wisdom of having made dungarees she couldn’t get down by herself.

Still, the legs of the dungarees would still fit her as trousers, and they’re currently sitting on my alterations pile while I figure out whether it’s worth my while to bother. Double gauze isn’t really a winter fabric, but if she doesn’t grow too much taller by spring then they might well leap to the top of the (ever-growing) pile.

Why is it so difficult to motivate myself to get on with repairs and alterations? I know I’m not alone in this respect and I’m always so glad when I take the time to get clothes back in circulation. Maybe I need to designate a certain weekend every month as mending weekend. Or perhaps i could set myself a goal of doing a couple of things every week during the school holidays? I might see if I can do four things over Christmas. That would be a good start.

Other things I’m catching up with this holiday are blogging the rest of my outstanding Minerva makes. Naturally I’ll be blessed with huge amounts of free time over Christmas what with three kids to keep amused in the house. One of whom has his sixth birthday on Wednesday *facepalm*. There may be a reliance of Netflix as a babysitter. That’s how I’m writing this, dontcha know 😉

Anyway, here’s another couple of pictures to remind us even on the darkest day of the year that spring will come again, and fingers crossed it’s going to be a far less stressful one for all of us in 2021.

Ottobre Summer 2018 Sloppy Overalls in cotton double gauze

I’m hoping to be back blogging on Christmas Eve sharing a rather spiffing pair of floral trousers I made and wore lots this last year. Let’s see how much time I can find over the next few days. Do the kids really need all their stocking gifts wrapped?! Can Santa have a shop bought mince pie this year? I think so. Yes. So long as he still gets his glass of brandy. Mmmm…

Ciao for now, and I hope you’re finding things to be positive about during this very strange Christmas.


Anna xxx




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