The Starry PJs – Frankie tee and Stella Joggers from Tilly’s Stretch book

Starry Jersey PJs using Frankie Tee and Stella Joggers from Stretch book

This is another recent PJ make for one of my kids (they’ve had a set each this winter). This was Daisy’s turn, and as she’s now adult sized she got to choose patterns from Tilly Walnes’ Stretch book: the Frankie tee and Stella joggers. With a few little adaptations they make excellent pyjamas!

Starry Jersey PJs using Frankie Tee and Stella Joggers from Stretch book
Daisy modelling her PJs in her bedroom, complete with Lottie the cat

This was a make using fabric provided by Minerva in return for a 500+ word post on their site with 6+ photos. There was no obligation to post here, but I like keeping my own record of my makes on my site too 🙂 You can find the Minerva post here which gives more sewing details and fabric info:

While I was initially a bit disappointed to discover Daisy has now grown out of the Ottobre kids size range (they have such cute patterns!) I’ve realised this means I can make her any of my patterns now. And I have lots of patterns! Daisy does need some adjustments making to pretty much all patterns as she has the typical Downs’ Syndrome proportions of wide neck, narrow shoulders, short arms and legs and a tendency to be round in the middle. However, I’m now pretty used to what’s required, just like with the standard adaptations I make for myself, and that makes life easier.

I’m not sure how many things I’ll realistically be making for Daisy as she’s pretty much a Primark addict (sigh) but at least I have the skills to repair things she buys there and to alter them to fit her. I guess I might end up making her some of the things we find harder to fit like jeggings/jeans/trousers. At least I can make sure her clothes are comfy around the waist, which is a big must for her.

I’m really pleased with the fit on these Stella Joggers. They only needed shortening by 2.5″ and simplifying by leaving off the pockets and drawstring detail. I cut a size 3 but graded out to a 5 at the waist (as Daisy’s measurements dictated) and they are pretty much perfect! I reckon I might well make her a couple more daytime suitable pairs out of sweatshirting or French terry, even if they do only get worn around the house.

The Frankie tee also worked really well for Daisy as there’s plenty of room around the waist and raglan sleeves really suit her. I’m thinking I can also use this as a base for lots of different kinds of tops for her. Summer ones with short sleeves out of a more fancy fabric, ringer tees, even a dress length Frankie!

I’m also pondering making myself a Frankie. I haven’t yet as raglan tees don’t tend to be something I wear, but maybe I should give them a chance. If the right fabric comes up then I might well give it a go this year. Even if it does only get used as loungewear. I always need more loungewear! I’ll probably give the Stella joggers a miss as I’m just not a jogging bottom kind of person, but again, possibly for loungewear. I’ll have to compare the pattern pieces to that of the Monsal Lounge Pants I made and see if it looks like there’ll be any significant differences to fit.

On the Sewing Table

I still haven’t managed to find time to cut out the Heather dress, but in my defence I retook my measurements, compared them to the size I traced last time and realised I’d be better off just going for a larger size. I ended up cutting the A0 print to save time, so hopefully I’ll get this cut and will have started sewing by my next post, which should be Friday. I’m hoping to share my latest faux fur gilet then, but it all depends on whether I get enough light for decent photos. If not I’ll go for a summer make I haven’t yet shared. We all need a bit of sunshine and a reminder of happier times, when we could actually leave the house…

In the meantime I’m working on my maternity dress refashion and it’s going well. Hoping to have that finished very soon indeed. Yay!

Until Friday, then…

Stay safe and remember that better times will come again,

Anna x

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