The Unicorn Cold-Shoulder Top – an Ottobre 1/2019 make

I made this fabulous digital unicorn print jersey cold-shoulder top from Ottobre 1/2019 for Daisy. Check it out!

Cold Shoulder Top in Digital Print Unicorn Jersey Ottobre 1/2019

Okay, so I meant to post this yesterday but real life intervened (ill toddler meaning hardly any sleep for me). I’m not sure anyone will notice anyway, although they might now I’ve mentioned it…

It was a Minerva make (they provided fabric in return for a 500+ word post with pics on their site) and you can find the full deets of sewing it up over on my profile there:

I’ve got to be honest, I’ve only seen Daisy wearing this top a couple of times since I made it back in January. That’s not a sustainable sew in my book. I asked Daisy recently why she doesn’t wear it and if it needed altering. Surprisingly she said she loves it and does wear it for her Tik Tok videos. Perhaps it’s just a bit too fancy for everyday, and there’s been precious few reasons to dress up this year. Maybe if it still fits her when lockdown eases I’ll see her wearing it a bit more often.

I suspect this will be my first and only Ottobre magazine make for Daisy as I recently measured her and she’s now wider around the chest than their top size (170). For reference, this cold shoulder top was made in size 170 for the width, but all lengths were reduced to size 146. That said, they have some pretty cute teenage styles so perhaps I’ll learn how to grade them up a little.

Now, I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of this type of cold-shoulder top. I love a Bardot style bit of shoulder, or even those ones that have a sleeve lower down but just a little strap at the top. But these tops with a round cut out just make me think “shoulder potato”. Maybe it’s my age showing and I’d understand if I was younger, but it’s a fashion that mystifies me. Still, if Daisy’s happy then I’m happy, and it certainly made this top a bit more interesting to sew up than a plain tee.

I’m not 100% sure I nailed the fit and the fabric is really not to my taste, but never mind. It’s what Daisy wanted, and that’s what counts. Sewing for kids definitely means taking into account their views!

In other news…

I finished my Jenny Dungarees at the weekend and I LOVE THEM!!! Full post coming soon, once I manage to get some decent daylight for pics.

Since then I’ve been finishing off two advent calendar wallhangings for the kids. We already had one I bought at a craft fair when Daisy was younger, but the pockets proved a bit small for fitting three chocolates in last year! I’ll share a pic of those when I’ve managed to cut down some dowelling and put a nail in the wall to hang them off. So far the kids have had to put up with them hanging over a cupboard door. Ah well, at least there was chocolate.

They’re just those commercially produced panels you cut and sew up, with the option to quilt it too. I bought one of them from Minerva here (I don’t just get free stuff there, honest!).

Next up I’m looking forward to sewing Daisy a pair of PJs using a couple of patterns from Stretch by Tilly Walnes. Yep, it’s adult sizes for her now.

Happy sewing, peeps.

Anna x

PS, I’ll be back on Friday sharing an apron I made using a free pattern. Perfect last minute Christmas gift idea!

2 thoughts on “The Unicorn Cold-Shoulder Top – an Ottobre 1/2019 make”

  1. Daisy looks beautiful in her top. I’ll bet she remembers it always. I miss the years my girls thought unicorns and pink ruffles were everything.

    1. Thanks! I hope she does feel that way about it. Most of the time I think she’s grown out of stuff like this, but then she surprises me like saying she wants a doll for Christmas!

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