The Wolf Boy PJs – Ottobre Autumn 2011

I’m back sharing another relatively recent Minerva Make. If you count September 2020 as recent, that is! This is another kids PJ make, and you can see the sets I made for Lauren here and Daisy here. This time it’s Gabriel’s turn, and again I made a raglan top and jogger style bottoms using patterns from Ottobre Autumn 2011 (4/2011)

Boys PJs in wolf motif jacquard jersey using patterns from Ottobre Autumn 2011 (4/2011)

You can find the full post over on Minerva’s site here (affiliate link) where I rave a bit about the fabric. It was sent to me in return for a 500+ word post there with 6+ photos. There is no obligation to post here or to be anything but honest about my experience with the fabric. However, I was seriously impressed with these fabrics so I’m just going to gush a bit more.

First up, this jacquard jersey (affiliate link) is incredibly snuggly and an absolute dream to sew with. It’s more like a french terry in terms of warmth. Gabriel absolutely loves it and he chose the motif. I’ll admit, wolves aren’t really my thing and the whole motif looks a bit Game of Thrones, but Gabriel says it reminds him of Minecraft wolves. Doesn’t look anything like a Minecraft wolf but there we go. The workings of a six-year-old’s mind are a mystery.

Secondly, I used a tubular rib knit fabric (affiliate link) for the cuffs and neckband. I’m getting much more into these lately instead of using self fabric like I used to. Yes, it’s a bit of a hassle to get a colour match (especially on the screen), but they are absolutely the best for cuffs and neckbands, or any other situation where you need a super stretchy trim with great recovery. I’ve now got stock of white, black and grey, and am thinking of buying a few lengths of green, purple, navy, hot pink and red which should cover just about everything I’m ever likely to need. Considering how much I love sewing knits, I think it would be a great investment.

Just a word about the patterns before I sign off. I used two patterns from Ottobre Autumn 2011 (or 4/2011, if you prefer): the More Grey Raglan tee and the Grasshopper leggings. I made a few adjustments to sleeve and top length mainly to fit on the limited cut of fabric I had, but also because Ottobre draft for tall skinny kids. The cuffs were added too, and they’ve made the looser fit leggings (sized up) look suitably like joggers.

I’m starting to get much more adventurous in seeing how I can use and adapt patterns to fit my vision. Turns out once you have a few years garment sewing experience under your belt (I reckon I have about 12 now) it’s actually pretty straightforward to swap out and change things. This is why I’m unlikely to renew my Ottobre subscription as I have about seven magazines of patterns I can adapt and play with. There are plenty more I have my eye on just in Ottobre Autumn 2011, let alone the more recent ones I have. That should be plenty for Gabriel and Lauren!

I’m also really pleased with the success of my pyjama sewing plan. Something for all three kids, and that get loads of wear. I’ve decided it might become a regular feature of my winters, perhaps matched by a kids’ swimwear sewing project in the summer. Everyone is happy as they all get something. I could also make a summer dress or shirt for each of them every spring (love sewing easy cotton fabrics sometimes!) and perhaps some kind of jumper/cardigan/sweatshirt mission in the autumn.

I never used to sew all that much for the kids but as my own wardrobe is in much better shape these days I find I quite enjoy making something for them. It gives me a chance to use crazy prints and bright colours, experiment with different styles and sewing techniques, and best of all the pattern pieces are tiny! Okay, not in Daisy’s case but Gabriel and Lauren’s clothes are definitely still on the small side.

Hmmm… I guess that means I should start planning some kind of cotton summer wear for each of the kids. A dress or a top. I’ll get them all involved in choosing patterns and fabric too. Maybe they might even want to get involved in the sewing… Or maybe that’s just a bit too much like hard work for me!

On the Sewing Table

I’ve finished my Heather Dress (wearing it as I type!) so I’m now getting going on another Oslo cardigan for mum, which I’m pretty sure was promised as a birthday present last May (doh!). I’m also working on a toile for a shirt for me. When I say working, I mean I’ve traced the pattern and found some old duvet covers to cut into, but no sewing yet.

I’m also going to try and make another face mask this week as mine are getting a bit ratty and despite regular washing seem to be starting to smell a bit funny. Ugh! This time it will be the 3D face mask made super popular by Oonaballoona on YouTube. If it works well I’ll make a few more.

So, I’d better get back to the (freshly polished) sewing table, hadn’t I? Lots to be getting on with! I’ll be back on Friday with a not-so-successful make: my second (and probably last) try of the Grainline Scout Tee. Here’s a sneak peek.

Grainline Scout Tee and Jalie Eleonore Pull on Jeans
No sir, I’m not happy with this top!

Until then, stay safe!

Anna x

3 thoughts on “The Wolf Boy PJs – Ottobre Autumn 2011”

  1. Super cute PJ’s and even cuter model! The fabric sounds so comfy. I wonder if any of your readers in the US have ordered from Minerva?
    I like the Oonabaloona face mask, and hope you do too. (I’ve probably made ten different styles of masks.) I like that you can replace/adjust the elastic, and the 3-D shape fits over my husband’s beard. (Pinch out an inch+- for your smaller face as Marcie shows.) Happy sewing!

    1. Thanks! I didn’t remember to pinch out the inch and I definitely need to. I’ll probably adjust this first one and then make more. It’s comfy and easy to sew 🙂

      I know some US bloggers order from Minerva, although it strikes me that you must be spoilt for choice when it comes to US retailers? Not sure what your import duty is but the risk of being stung with it puts me off ordering anything from abroad. They charge a fee just to open the parcel too. Very annoying!

      1. That’s interesting. I’ve made purchases from the UK, several different EU countries, and Australia and been charged no duty. (Shush, don’t tell anyone. Ha…) So I assume that’s a norm in the US. I’m happy about that, but I don’t know the reason why.
        But I do remember my parents paying duty on packages from Scotland when I was a kid.
        I guess things might change for you too what with Brexit…

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