The Red Jennys – making the Closet Core Jenny Trousers

Today, for the first time, I’m wearing my red corduroy Closet Core Jenny trousers – yay! This really is a fresh off the sewing table project, considering I hemmed them yesterday. Ideally I’d like to have worn something a few more times before blogging so I can give an honest assessment of what they’re like to wear. However, as this is the second time I’ve made this pattern (first time as dungarees, blogged here) I reckon I’ve got a pretty good idea.

Closet Core Jenny trousers in red corduroy
I’m going to have to apologise for the out of focus nature of some of these pics. One of the dangers of taking last minute photos with a mirror behind you!

These Jenny trousers started life as a toile, which I was really glad I made as it indicated I needed to add an inch in length to the crotch for my dungarees version for the waist to hit me at the right place and fit. However, I was hoping I could make something work with these by grabbing all the extra width from the seam allowance I could and cutting the waistband longer too. This is a necessary adjustment when the waistband isn’t sitting at the narrowest part of me where it should be, but an inch lower where I’m an inch or so wider 🙂

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The Almost Perfect Turtleneck (using Seamwork Neenah and Gertie’s Knit Sweetheart Top)

I’m nearly there with creating my perfect winter top, using two of my TNT patterns for knits: The Knit Sweetheart Top from Gertie Sews Vintage Casual and the Seamwork Neenah Dress. Read on to find out what hasn’t worked so well, and what I’ll change next time!

I’m trialling a new location for indoor photographs: my bedroom. The door by the big windows I used to take pictures by is now partially blocked by dolls houses that are a hassle to move. This location isn’t as light but at least it’s part of the house that is always tidy and presentable. No kids allowed to make a mess in here!

Anyway, less about the picture location, more about the top. I knew I wanted to try the turtleneck from the Seamwork Neenah pattern as it looked like a traditional, high and close fitting turtleneck that folds over. I realised that this is what I wanted after having a go at sewing up the Megan Nielsen Rowan and realising those modern, low turtlenecks are not for me, thank you very much. That top was never finished and will have a new neckline to be turned into a summer top, methinks.

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The Not-a-Golf-Shirt: sewing the Jalie 2562 polo shirt

As promised, I’m back with one of my summer 2020 makes, the Jalie 2562 Polo Shirt. You’ll have to excuse me if this post isn’t as well written as usual as I had my first Covid jab yesterday morning and am definitely suffering some side effects today–although nowhere near as bad as I was last night. Fuzzy head, exhaustion and dead arm ahoy! I’m just trying to embrace it all as a sign my immune system is starting to recognise this little bugger of a virus and it will help life get back to normal eventually. Or July 21st as Boris kind of promised us here in the UK. Let’s see…

Jalie 2562 Polo Shirt

I have really mixed feelings about this top, but more about that later. I’ve never been particularly into polo shirts and this is the first time I’ve ever worn one myself. I got the idea, though, because I love open neck shirts and I thought if I could have that in a knit tee type garment it could be an ideal casual summer top. Obviously sewing it all in one solid colour gets away from the really frumpy looking pattern cover pics. Seriously, how ugly are these?!!!

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