Me Made May 2021: my pledge

Oh hi, blog! It’s been a few weeks. My house has been in disarray as our living/dining room floor replacement has taken much longer than we bargained for. Turns out narrow engineered wood floorboards in a large and complicated shaped room take quite a while for two amateurs to install! We’re hoping to finish this weekend, though, and it’s going to look absolutely awesome when we do.

All this means no sewing has been going on as all my sewing stuff is heaped up in a pile in Lauren’s room, while she camps out in Gabriel’s room, and all our furniture is in weird places and I can’t find anything I need. Interesting times.

Anyway, I thought I’d spend a few minutes to blog my #memademay2021 plans. Here’s the pledge:

I, Anna of Anna-Jo Sews, pledge to wear at least one me-made garment every day during May 2021, and to document my outfits on Instagram daily as well as writing a round up post on the blog in early June. I want to particularly focus on finding different ways of styling some more recent additions to my wardrobe–particularly the statement pieces–and to come up with a short list of basic items to sew that would give me more outfit options.

This will be my sixth year of Me Made May, so I know I have enough me-made clothes to see me through the month. I thought this time around I’d approach it more as a styling challenge as some of my recent makes are definitely more “statement” than basics. I’m thinking of my red Jenny trousers, Jenny overalls, floral Eleonore jeans and faux fur gilet. There are also a couple of tops I’ve made this last year that I haven’t yet figured out how to style with my existing clothes: the Art Gallery Shirt and my black polo top. And there are those older items like my green Burda jacket and velvet leggings that don’t get worn often as I’m not sure what they go with. Ideally I’d like to come up with three different looks with each garment.

As for my shortlist of new items to sew (or even buy, if necessary): I want this to be really specific, including colours, pattern styles and so on. I might even do some sketches. I’d like to come up with at least two ideas for tops, two bottoms, one dress or jumpsuit and one layering piece. These should be really versatile basics that could each go with several of my challenge focus garments.

Of course, this all depends on the weather. Last year my Me Made May challenge was completely derailed by a prolonged heatwave. I just didn’t have enough summer appropriate clothing for unique outfits each day and had lots of repeats in the last week. Since I’ve only made a couple more summery things since then I’m guessing the same will happen if we have another hot spell like that. That said, after such a cold April I’d definitely appreciate a bit of a heatwave next month!

As for sewing plans this next week… Haha. No. But if I’m lucky I’ll be able to build and fill my new Kallax shelving with all my sewing stuff. Or at least, a carefully chosen selection of my sewing stuff. I should really declutter it all. Here’s hoping this time next week I’ll be sharing a picture of my gorgeous new sewing corner…

Until then, happy Me Made Maying, if you’re taking part!

Anna x

2 thoughts on “Me Made May 2021: my pledge”

  1. Best of luck with your Me Made May plans and those pesky renovations. I find that repeating this mantra helps with self-inflicted household turmoil: “temporary inconvenience, permanent improvement”…

    1. Haha, I shall have that mantra on permanent repeat for the next few days. Thanks! Maybe it will also give me strength for the planned remodel of the back of the house which includes new bathroom and messing around with where the walls and doors are. That one could start this summer but the very idea fills me with dread…

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