The Hoodless Hoodie – my latest Minerva Blogger Network make (Burda Style 6847)

My latest make, Burda Style 6847 (affiliate link) is now up on the Minerva Blogger Network. It’s a casual sweatshirt jacket, and it’s probably one of my favourite makes ever! You can find out all the details of sewing it up over on the Minerva Blog.

Burda 6847 knit jacket

I first saw this pattern on Dr T’s blog when she posted a huge list of patterns suitable for the Dramatic Classic Kibbe type. Without wanting to go into all the theory behind Kibbe and why I think I’m a Dramatic Classic (that’s for another post, at some point soon), the key things Kibbe says about jackets for this type is that they “should be crisp and tailored, with sharp shoulders and elongated line. If unconstructed, they should be very narrow and fall below the break of the hip.”

Burda 6847 knit jacket

I think this jacket is a perfect example of how to translate that into a really casual look, because let’s face it, my lifestyle needs really casual clothes these days. Invitations to black tie events are far and few between, and I don’t have a workplace to dress up for. My clothes need to be sturdy enough to be wiped down when small children have grabbed me with sticky fingers, to be tugged on when small children want my attention (why can’t they just ask?!) and have to be able to stand up to frequent washing.

This Lady McElroy bottle green sweatshirting (affiliate link) is just gorgeous to work with and feels like a really excellent quality. I should have enough of it left over to either make a gilet or something for Gabriel, so you’ll no doubt see it again. I also used a Lady McElroy fabric for the striped lining (affiliate link), and again it’s a lovely quality jersey. I’m hoping I have enough left to squeak out a summer tank top for me.

Burda 6847 knit jacket

I’m absolutely thrilled that the two fabrics look as good together in the finished garment as they did in my head when I was ordering them. I know that I sew a lot of plain colours with just the odd bit of monochrome pattern (mainly spots and stripes) but I’ve found over the years that they really work for me, and what do you know, they fit in perfectly with the Dramatic Classic guidelines too. I figure I can always indulge my love of crazy prints and colour sewing stuff for the kids 🙂

Burda 6847 knit jacket

I’m really pleased I took the extra time to make inseam pockets for this jacket, as the pattern had no pockets (WHY?!!!). I made them nice and big and they are just perfect for fitting phone, keys, debit card and assorted small toys/snotty tissues/amazing pebbles and so on that you end up amassing when hanging out with kids.

One thing that happened when sewing this up: it broke my iron. Yep, it made a strange bubbling sound, and when I next went to press there was a burnt smell, and my press cloth was singed brown. Never have I been more glad that I pretty much always use a damp press cloth between the iron and my makes!

The thermostat on said iron seems to be pretty much kaput now, so I’m in the market for a new steam iron. Anyone who can recommend one available in the UK for under £50 or so, I’d be most grateful!


Sew Your Kibbe Challenge buttonThis is the first make of mine for the Sew Your Kibbe Challenge hosted by Doctor T. I’ll be posting about my plans sometime soon when I find a few minutes to do so. It’s also one of my Make Nines for 2019, so yay for getting something done for my personal sewing challenges this year!

Right, I think that’s all I have to say about this jacket for now. I’m ready to cut out the next project. Let me find my rotary cutter…

Adios, amigos!

4 thoughts on “The Hoodless Hoodie – my latest Minerva Blogger Network make (Burda Style 6847)”

  1. Is the top you’re wearing underneath the jacket self made too? It looks lovely. (As does the jacket but I‘m not the sporty type). Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Enny! Sorry I didn’t reply before now, but for some reason WP didn’t see fit to notify me that I had a comment needing approval.

      I didn’t make that top, sadly. It’s an old nursing top from Mama’s and Papa’s, and it’s super comfy. I don’t know that there’s a pattern anywhere like it.

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