#OneYearSewn: winter 2018-19 – a wardrobe analysis

This is a bit of a hodgepodge of a post, but I’m starting out with a quick run through and wardrobe analysis of the four items I sewed last winter. Here goes!

#OneYearSewn wardrobe analysis

#OneYearSewn winter 18-19

Jalie 2919 Pleated Cardigan in plum sweater knitFirst up is my Plum Pudding Cardigan (Jalie 2919) which definitely scores the highest in wear count, clocking up an impressive 57 wears so far. It’s no surprise to me really, as I tend to wear a cardigan layer pretty much every day of the year. Our weather out here in Somerset is highly variable, so layers are key to being able to keep a comfy temperature.

I do really love the shape of this cardigan, but it has a couple of features that mean the Jalie Drop Pocket Cardigan gets worn more often. First up is the lack of pockets–seriously frustrating! I like to have a pocket handy to carry my phone and some tissues around the house, at the very least.

Secondly, there’s something about the shape of this cardigan that just doesn’t work over my Cleo dungaree dresses. It only seems to suit a more fitted outfit, perhaps because it’s a more drapey, less tailored style, and it just looks sloppy over those looser dungaree dresses. I think it would work over a more fitted pinafore dress, so perhaps I’ll be making up one of those in the future. For now, though, it gets worn over tight skirts and jeans, with closely fitted tops.

Seamwork Neenah cowl top in John Kaldor Isabella wool jersey #1The next worn make is my Purple not-a-turtle top (a hack of the Seamwork Neenah dress) which clocked up 22 wears. That’s not bad for something that’s definitely a cold weather garment (it’s wool blend jersey with a cowl neck, so super-warm), but it probabably would have got worn more often if I had another short skirt or two to wear it with.

My wardrobe (particularly the bottoms) is going through a transitional phase as I shed baby inches, and some of the skirts I had been wearing it with (like the grey one pictured) are now a little too baggy. Unfortunately while I have smaller skirts and jeans available, many of them are a little too tight still. Yeah, I definitely need a new knit skirt or two. I’ve talked myself into making one pronto!

Seamwork Margo skirt in navy John Kaldor scuba crepeNext up, the Margo Scuba Skirt (Seamwork again) in navy crepe. This has only been worn 8 times, which I’m mainly putting down to fabric choice. Basically, this fabric clings like crazy to tights so I can’t wear it when it’s cold, but it’s too sweaty for really hot weather (polyester–ugh!). I love the look of it, though, so I’ll be making the most of this skirt during those Goldilocks weeks of spring and autumn when I can wear it without tights.

What I’ve learnt from my experience making longer jersey pencil skirts is that they just don’t suit winter weather because of the whole clinginess and difficulty in adding a lining to a jersey skirt. Once my size has stabilised I’ll probably make a properly lined woven pencil skirt or two for the winter, but until then I think it’s shorter skirts for me, which don’t tend to have that whole riding up issue.

Daydream Patterns Sophia Nursing Top in polka dots

Finally, my least worn make from last winter was the complete disaster that was my Spotty Cowl Top (Daydream Patterns Sophia top). It got worn a grand total of once, and I felt so awkward in it that I chucked it straight onto the refashioning pile at the end of the day. The style was just wrong on me. The neck shape wasn’t right and the lace section hit too high.

Honestly, it’s not a bad pattern. I think it would look wonderful on someone else, but perhaps not in this fabric. It’s all a bit too much in that bold polka dot.

However, I learnt a valuable lesson from this, which was not to sew a new-to-me style without first trying something on in a shop to get an idea of whether it suits me.

And the good news is that shorter jersey skirt I’ve mentioned already that I need to sew? I reckon it would be the perfect use of this polka dot fabric!

Recent sewing and sewing plans

I’ve been sewing up a storm this year (for me, that is. YMMV) but some of my recent makes used fabric gifted by Minerva, and as they’re doing some behind the scenes stuff on their website I’m still not entirely sure when I’m going to be able to share these. It’s looking like not until April now.

The last couple of my makes have been an effort to up my loungewear game, and to that end I’ve made the Stella Hoodie Dress from Tilly’s Stretch book (has this now become my favourite sewing pattern book?!), and the Monsal Lounge Pants from Wendy Ward’s Knits book. I’ve enjoyed making and wearing these, not least because I’ve finally been able to retire some seriously ratty tees.

Next up, I’m planning to make the Seamwork Oslo cardigan in a plum textured knit, which might end up being gifted to my mum or sister as I’m not sure I like the fabric all that much (but I bet they would!). I want to try it out, though, as I have some expensive wool jersey in the stash that I’d like to make it up in, but want to test the pattern first. One thing I’ve learned from all my wardrobe analysis is that I can’t have too many cardies!

I’m also hoping to make a Sew Over It Heather dress this month using some lovely grey and black zebra ponte, with black sleeves. Both these makes (and the Tilly Stella Dress) were on my MakeNine list for the year, so I feel like I’m making good headway with those plans. The patterns are all traced and ready to go. I just need to find a few minutes to cut out the fabric!

First, though, I need to finish sewing a cat bed. It’s been specially designed to fit on a shelf so I don’t keep tripping up over disintegrating cat baskets in my utility room. It has quilting, boning, velcro and interfacing going on and has been an interesting design challenge. If I can make it work, I’ll share some pictures here on the blog!

Next Friday on the blog:

Charm Patterns Rita dress hackIt’s finally time to blog the dress I made for a wedding last September. I was absolutely strapped for cash at the time so had to work with what I had, and I ended up using the fabric from a old me-made I never wore, and hacked the Charm Patterns Rita top into a dress. It was definitely a great save! Find out more next week.


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