The Is-it-a-Dress Apron – making the Tessuti Cross Back Apron

Tessuti cross back apron in Whats Cookin' retro quilting cotton

Hi everyone, just popping by to share an apron I made back in the summer (hence the sunny pictures!). It’s the Tessuti cross-back Apron Pattern and it’s completely free, as well as being pretty stylish in a minimalist kinda way.

Tessuti cross back apron in Whats Cookin' retro quilting cotton

This is one of the Minerva Makes I’ve been busy uploading on their new site, meaning I was given the fabric in return for a 500+ word post with 6+ pictures on their site. You can find the full write up over there:

The Minerva post covers all the sewing process in some detail, so here I’ll just say that the Tessuti cross-back apron was ridiculously easy to sew with the small exception of turning a narrow hem on the underarm curve. I think this part could be better dealt with using some bias binding, but that would complicate the make a little and it turned out okay in the end despite my reservations.

I’m really pleased with my finished apron and I wear it every single day*. Let’s just think about that: how many of our makes can we say that about?! Now, I don’t as a rule get that excited about home dec style makes (and to be honest, I count an apron more as home dec than as a garment). But thinking about how often I use this apron I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be worth my while sewing up a few more things for the home. It might not get me as excited as sewing up garments, but I do love feeling that I’m getting loads of use out of things I’ve made. I’m currently contemplating sewing up some Christmas cushion covers using fabric panels gifted to me by my neighbour. Okay, so they might not get used all year round but they’d definitely come out every December. That totally counts.

Anyway, I’m sharing this Tessuti cross-back apron project now because I thought it might help out anyone looking for a quick and not too expensive Christmas gift idea. It only takes 1.5m of quilting cotton and a couple of hours to cut and sew (you might even do it quicker if you’re a real speedy sewist), so definitely fits the bill for last minute gifts! The pattern also features a pocket I left off, which you could make in contrasting fabric or add a bit of embroidery if you wanted a bit of extra pizzazz.

Who out there is panic sewing in the run up to Christmas? I’m trying to take it easy this year and take the pressure off, but it’s still tempting to think I can do it all!

Happy sewing,

Anna x

* I say I wear my Tessuti cross-back apron every day, but actually in December I wear this beautifully camp make: my Christmas Gay-pron!

PS, I’ll be back on Tuesday (or thereabouts) sharing a really cute pair of double gauze dungarees I made for Lauren. More summer photos ahoy!

2 thoughts on “The Is-it-a-Dress Apron – making the Tessuti Cross Back Apron”

  1. I reckon I needed a chuckle, so I thoroughly enjoyed this and the Minerva posts! I love that this apron is unisex, but could we see Andy in the Christmas apron? (Sorry Andy.) The idea of a child’s apron is brilliant for baking and artistic endeavors, which are never neat & tidy! I haven’t seen a child’s apron in this easy-on style, so please let us know if you grade it down. I’m going to check kids patterns now…
    Looking forward to more posts. The sun, and your flowers are LOVELY. Ah, summer… how I miss you…

    1. Thanks, Lodi! Andy says he’ll do a pose in the Christmas apron for you—possibly topless XD

      Oh summer… I’m pretty much counting the days until it rolls around again. Here’s hoping for a return to normal life next summer!

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