Me Made May – week four

We have truly had ALL THE WEATHER this week, which shouldn’t really surprise me as a Brit living in the West Country, but still, it’s been remarkable. Heatwave days when it was too hot to move, thunderstorms, torrential downpours–we had it all. At least it’s stayed too warm for socks, although the kids seem to disagree. Gabriel gets very upset if we try to put him to bed without socks on, even if it’s 22 degrees C in his room. And then he pulls the duvet over his head /o\

You’ll see some hot weather clothing in this lot, then, and also a couple of new me-mades. How exciting is that?! Okay, contain yourself, people. Let’s roll…

mmmay17 22

Day 22: It’s the first appearance for my Colette Aster blouse, teamed up with my rockabilly headtie. Mixed feelings about this top–it’s really comfy in the heat and I love those mother of pearl poppers, but I don’t think it fits right. I decided this one will be relegated to gardening wear in the future.

mmmay17 23

Day 23: My Heather dress for the second time, this time with the Jalie Drop Pocket Cardigan (fifth time!). I think they go pretty well together, all things considered. Also a guest appearance from a broom handle in the background. Yeah, I really should tidy up better before taking pics!

mmmay17 24

Day 24: Fresh off the sewing machine and onto my body! It’s my maxi hack of the Knit Sweetheart Top from Gertie Sews Vintage Casual. It’s just got a raw hem in this pic as I wanted to wear it for a day to see where best to hem it. I adore this dress–so glam and perfect for a hot day! The second me-made was my Drop Pocket Cardie (sixth time!) which I wore first and last thing, but it was too hot to contemplate wearing it when we took the picture. Cheating? Hey, I get to make my own rules here! 😛

mmmay17 25

Day 25: I’d just spent a few days looking after an ill Daisy (tonsillitis) and was feeling pretty ropey myself so I slobbed around in my ladybird knit maxi skirt (self-drafted, unblogged) and my black Knit Sweetheart Top (7th time). At least my slobby lounging clothes now reflect my style.

mmmay17 26

Day 26: Not strictly a me-made, but a refashion of an old leopard print maxi dress I bought from a charity shop when preggers. It was a boob tube which isn’t really my thing, so when I recently dug this out of my alterations bag I figured it would be wonderful with some big straps (I’m totally bucking the whole cold shoulder trend!). I made them out of cotton lycra jersey and gathered them at both ends where they attach. Love the retro look with the square neckline and the bra strap coverage. The other me-made is my chunky necklace (4th time).

mmmay17 27

Day 27: Exhausted and not feeling well myself, I committed my first (and hopefully only!) outfit repeat: the same Aurora top and Drop Pocket Cardigan combo I wore on day 14. It’s with a different skirt though–one I’d just dyed to cover up some bleach stains, so that’s kind of a refashion, right?! This time I was photobombed by a discarded dino toy under the table.

mmmay17 28

Day 28: Feeling much better today, so modelling my freshly made Striped Knit Sweetheart Top, this time with the cap sleeves, along with my rockbilly headtie. Love this look, especially with my skinnies and new Clarks sandals 😀 Also, got to love a plastic lobster as a photo prop!

Week four thoughts:

I don’t have enough summer clothes. I don’t have enough clothes, full stop. It’s because I’ve got rid of so many clothes that didn’t fit or bring me joy (thanks, KonMari, but you’ve given me a clothing crisis of my own making!), and because I’m restocking very slowly out of necessity. Money is tight so I can’t buy RTW, and have been working through my fabric stash instead.

But it’s great that the recent additions to my me-made wardrobe have been such hits. I’m clearly getting much better at making things I really want to wear.

I’ve got a really good list of sewing projects planned for the next few months now, and I’m starting to think more about looking for good knitting and crochet patterns to fit with my new style. Any suggestions for rockabilly friendly patterns greatly appreciated!

How’s your Me Made May going? Are you having to repeat outfits yet?



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