The Stella Hoodie Dress from Tilly Walnes’ Stretch book for Minerva Makers

Phew, that title was a bit of a mouthful! Yes, I’m back and sharing another project made with free fabric from Minerva (in return for a blog post with pics on their site–no obligation to post here). This is one from early in the year–February to be exact–which is now coming back into regular wardrobe rotation. I present to you, the Stella Hoodie dress:

Stella Hoodie Dress from Stretch by Tilly Walnes in grey sweatshirting

You can find the full post with details of the fabric and sewing process over on Minerva here. I’m not 100% sure that sweatshirting with so little stretch was ideal for this project–it’s fine for the oversized look where stretch isn’t necessary, but I prefer something more fitted which means this isn’t as easy as I’d like to take on and off. Still, it’s really comfortable and practical, and makes a lovely snuggly winter dress.

Stella Hoodie Dress in grey sweatshirtingI initially thought my Stella dress would be pure loungewear for evenings and lazy weekend mornings, but it hasn’t proved ideal for that purely because of that slight effort involved in getting it over my head! However, instead it’s proving its worth as a regular daytime outfit. At first I felt underdressed– I am most emphatically not a hoodie and trackie bottoms kind of person. I like to look a little smarter than that! But then the pandemic hit and I stopped caring so much–comfort was all.

But now I’m used to seeing myself in my Stella dress and it doesn’t seem so out of character. I can see my style starting to shift a little. I still love vintage inspired looks, but I’m also incorporating more modern lines in my wardrobe. Basically, if it fits with the whole Kibbe dramatic classic look I’ll give it a go as these styles really work for me. I figure this is a very casual riff on dramatic classic!

Stella Hoodie Dress in grey sweatshirting

I do need to get something better for the cord in the hood–this is just some cotton tape and doesn’t really have enough body, but I do like the contrast in colour against the grey. I’m also still considering lopping either the sleeves off or shortening my Stella dress–possibly even both–but as I wear it more I’m gradually getting round to enjoying this dress the way it is. Perhaps what I’ll do instead is make another out of French terry (more stretch!) and do both those things. The biggest issue will be deciding on the colour… Purple, green or black? That will make a change from my other clothes… not!

In other news, I’m putting the finishing touches on my first (but I predict not my last) Jenny overalls from Closet Core patterns. This is also a Minerva Makers project and I bloody love the fabric I’m using. Check out the pretty! I only have a bit of topstitching, hemming, buttons and buttonhole left to sew, so I predict I’ll be wearing it by the end of the weekend. This is again a different style for me, and more of a seventies vibe than the more fifties retro I typically go for.

Anyway, I’ll be back on Tuesday sharing another make for one of the kids. This time it will be little Lauren’s turn to model. See you then!


Anna x

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