MakeNine 2021

MakeNine 2021

Okay, I said I’d be posting a summer make if I didn’t have my Faux fur gilet pics yet (I don’t), but then I remembered that January is an ideal time to think about plans for the year. So let’s have a think about MakeNine 2021!

I’ve been doing MakeNine for a few years now with varying degrees of success (see 2019, 2018, 2017), but even if I don’t make much from the list (life/pandemics happen, after all) it still focuses my mind. Here’s the final grid for 2020’s plans:

I made three out of the nine–the Stella Dress, the Jenny Overalls and the Oslo Cardigan–the last of which I ended up gifting to my sister as it just didn’t suit me.

MakeNine 2021

And here’s the grid for this year:

MakeNine 2021

As you might notice, four of these are repeats from 2020. I still really want to make the Butterick B5526 shirt, the McCalls raincoat (I have the patterns for both in my stash) and an underwired bra (possibly the Cloth Habit Harriet). The Sew Over It Heather Dress is already cut out and ready to sew, so I’m confident that one will be made this year. You can find out more about my plans for each in this post:

Here, then, is a bit more about the remaining five patterns that made it onto my MakeNine 2021 line up:



Really I’m after a bikini as they’re so much more practical for getting changed under a towel on the beach, but isn’t this Vogue 9192 Swimsuit gorgeous?! Maybe I’ll make a glamorous one piece and a bikini. I’ve had my eye on the Closet Core Sophie Swimsuit for a few years and love both the one piece and bikini versions. Let’s face it, swimwear is quick to make and I really enjoy it so I could make lots of different swimwear. I’ll probably make some for the kids too, so I guess I’ll be buying some more patterns. Can’t wait for summer and getting to go on holidays again!

Shirt Dress

This is a rethink for some gorgeous navy hemp/Tencel twill I have in my stash. I initially wanted to use it make a more structured sundress (the Colette Lily in last year’s plans) but I’ve since realised it’s too drapey for that kind of pattern. I’ve made the Vogue 8903 shirt dress before in a black linen, but I think it will look quite different in a drapey fabric. Just to make sure it’s different I’ll make it sleeveless and use just the collar stand. Should be practical and able to be dressed up and down, I’m hoping.

Cardigan #1

This is a rethink for some stash fabric I really want to use: a lovely thick red and black houndstooth wool jersey. I originally thought I’d make the Oslo but now I’m thinking why not use a TNT pattern? I’ve made the Jalie Drop Pocket Cardigan twice before (here and here) and they are hands down the most worn me-mades in my wardrobe. I’m not sure I have quite enough fabric for the main colour and I’ll need to find a suitable quality black doubleknit for the contrast, but I’m sure I can figure out some kind of cool hack to make it work if necessary.


Leggings under short skirts and dresses are a mainstay of my wardrobe and ideally suited to my life and work. The RTW ones I have are wearing out and I’m sure I’ll get a better fit if I make my own. I’m currently undecided whether to adapt one of the leggings patterns I already own, draft one from scratch, or use something like the Helen’s Closet Avery Leggings. That particular pattern has all the features I’m after and I hear good things about it. The toughest thing about this one is going to be sourcing the right fabric, but I’m hoping once I do I can make up a few pairs to restock my wardrobe.

Cardigan #2

I have the fabric (a beautiful floaty blue/grey sweater knit bought on my birthday in Totnes last year), I just need a pattern to work with more open, loose knit sweater knits. I’ve tried the Seamwork Oslo and Wendy Ward’s Kinder cardigan but they were both too boxy for my liking. Again, I’m wondering about a Helen’s Closet pattern. The Blackwood Cardigan is hugely popular and looks like what I’m after: narrow fit, big pockets, narrow neckband. However, I could fairly easily draft this myself using an existing t-shirt pattern as a base. Whether I do that or go with the Blackwood is likely to come down to how much money and time I have available when I decide to get going on this one.

I’m really pleased with my MakeNine 2021 plans. I know these are all things that will get worn and I’m looking forward to the challenge of sewing the more involved garments like the bra and raincoat. The rest are relatively easy makes but all ones I’m excited about making.

I thought about adding jeans to the list, as well as period pants, some nightwear, more shorts and a winter coat. None of these made the final cut as I wanted to keep it easily achievable, but if I can fit them in hopefully I might get around to some of these too 🙂

2021, I have high hopes for you!

Anyone else making sewing plans right now?


Anna x

PS, I’ll be back on Tuesday with these cute PJs I made for Lauren!

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